About Me

I am not finished with this yet. Sorry!

About This Site

Thank you for taking an interest in my website! My website originally started out as a small project to being something that I fully manage. Originally, my website was hosted as a free website on Weebly with their one of their subdomains. As time went on, and my personal funds got larger, I purchased a custom domain and continued to use Weebly as they provided free custom domain mapping at the time. 

In 2016, I started a small web server on my personal desktop computer (server.22408aaron.net) that held files that were too big for Weebly (Weebly enforces a 10 MB limit on files with a free plan) as well as various files for my Windows domain that I was running at the time. Shortly after, I was bopping around the idea of managing my main website in a similar fashion to my web server however nothing took off until mid-2018 when I wanted to SSL encrypt my website (Weebly does not offer SSL encryption with custom domains on a free plan) so I started researching website builders that I can use on my own equipment.

After consulting some friends about their websites, I decided to use WordPress which is a powerful website building tool that is completely free and can run on my hardware! I through together a quick Apache and SQL server on a Dell OptiPlex 960 SFF computer running a copy of Windows 7 Professional (I am Linux would be perfect for this, but I like Windows) and with a little bit of tweaking, I was off to the races. 

One small annoyance that I ran into was with my ISP (Cox) who blocks incoming port 80 to my network. I integrated Cloudflare into my domain, as Cloudflare automatically redirects users to HTTPS before it even hits my IP address! 

I guess that is it, thank you for taking your time to read this!